Cleared in 2021 for mechanical scalp cooling, proving safety and efficacy.



Amma is a low-maintenance system ensuring minimal disruption to your staff’s workload. Due to the small size and portability of the system, patients complete post chemo cooling outside of the infusion chair so there is no change to patient scheduling.



Cooler Heads offers comprehensive and personalized training with a patient-centric focus. We make sure your patients are fully prepared from day one of scalp cooling.



Amma’s compact, discreet, and space-efficient design makes storage hassle-free. It’s also completely mobile, allowing patients to move freely during treatment. They can walk to the restroom, stretch their legs, or relocate, freeing up your infusion chair when chemotherapy is complete.



We’ve had 600+ patient inquiries this year for Amma, even without paid advertising. Scalp cooling aligns with NCCN guidelines, making it a strong patient attraction and retention tool, showcasing your commitment to their overall well-being and offering the latest treatments.

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Patient Outcomes

Patient Information

  • AGE: 46-year-old Female
  • DX: R Invasive ductal carcinoma, stage 1a, er-, pr-, her+
  • HAIR TYPE: Very long, past mid back. Thick in the back with a gentle wave and thin around temples
  • FACILITY: Northern Arizona Healthcare, Flagstaff, AZ
  • WHY SCALP COOLING: So she could control the narrative of her diagnosis, to minimize the effect the diagnosis would have on her medical practice, and to try to shield her children from more trauma


Patient Experience

“The Cooler Heads team was like my personal cheering squad. Each team member would reach out to me throughout my chemotherapy treatment to make sure I was set up for success.”

hair before and after chemo. Scalp Cooling for Chemo testimonia

Patient Information

  • AGE: 65-year-old Female
  • DX: L invasive ductal carcinoma ER+, PR-, HER2+
  • HAIR TYPE: Fine, thick, slight wave, colored
  • FACILITY: The University of Arizona Cancer Center, Tucson, Arizona
  • WHY SCALP COOLING: I wanted to maintain my privacy both personally and professionally, to control something amid the chaos, to look healthy for myself and my husband, and to not have baldness as a continuing reminder (for months) of my cancer battle.


Patient Experience

“Cap is the best design available for comfort, ease of use, and efficacy. Amma is small, quiet, and easy to use , allowing me to be self-sufficient. The training to use the machine was thorough and clear; team members at Cooler Heads are engaged, responsive, thoughtful, genuine, and caring. My biggest wish is that Amma was accessible to everyone. Having a choice in your care during cancer treatment is powerful.”

Testimonial for Scalp Cooling. Scalp Cooling for Chemo works

Patient Information

  • AGE: 48-year-old Female
  • DX: L Breast ca (er+, pr+, HER2+)
  • HAIR TYPE: Straight, above shoulders, thin
  • FACILITY: Sharp Grossmont Hospital Outpatient Infusion Center, San Diego, CA
  • WHY SCALP COOLING: I was determined to continue working full time during my chemotherapy treatment. My job requires me to travel quite a bit, and I wanted to maintain discretion and normalcy while continuing to work in a very public environment. I also wanted to look in the mirror and still see myself as “healthy”, while easing the minds of my closest loved ones.


Patient Experience

“I was thrilled to have the opportunity to use the Amma system. I felt that the results and ease of use would be better than the other choices currently available. As one of the first patients at the infusion center to use Amma, there seemed to be a lot of excitement and interest from both nurses and other patients when I would use the system. The unit is compact, and takes minimal space. It also allows for quick, simple trips to the restroom or short walks if you just want to stretch your legs a bit.

The best experience I had throughout my treatment was watching the reaction various medical providers had when they would see me. When I went for my half-way and end-point chemotherapy mammograms, ultrasounds and MRIs, every clinician I saw was confused when I walked in. Each one asked “We are seeing you for your post chemo scans, correct?”, with a puzzled look on their faces, because I had kept most of my hair. I hope every other patient gets to experience that same feeling of satisfaction and comfort.”

Testimonial for Scalp Cooling. Scalp Cooling for Chemo works well
Scalp Cooling vs Cold Capping. Patient walking thru infusion center while Scalp Cooling to preserve hair during chemo

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